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Wat is persoonsbeveiliging ?  De wereld verandert en de maatschappij verhard. Het lijkt er niet vriendelijker op  te worden. Bedreiging, afpersing of zelfs ontvoering komt helaas steeds vaker voor.  Persoonsbeveiliging heeft als doel de TBP (te beveiligingen persoon) te beschermen  en aanslagen te voorkomen, afweren en te doorstaan. Het uitgangspunt is een  optimale waarborging van […]

Congratulations to Retsan Koers, who set himself an ambitious, but entirely achievable goal of putting himself through a battery of IFPO education programs. The Netherlands-based security entrepreneur has reached his goal. What’s next for Retsan? We’ll have to wait and see, but clearly, the sky is the limit. Here is a recent announcement on Retsan, posted to […]

You may remember Retsan Koers, BScN AD ASyl CPO OSP of the Netherlands from the International Foundation for Protection Officers blog. It was only in October that he received Certified Protection Officer honors. Now, this month, more good news about the founder and director of VIP protection company Backup Concept — Retsan successfully completed and passed the Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM) final […]

The International Foundation for Protection Officers would like to congratulate Retsan Koers, BScN AD ASyl CPO OSP of the Netherlands for his recent achievement, successfully passing the Certified Protection Officer test. “I would like to thank (IFPO Executive Director) Sandi Davies for her support and advice,” Retsan wrote in a Linkedin post. Retsan’s involvement in the security industry is impressive: He […]